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Invention Feasibility Review

Our Plans

Invention Feasibility Review

This plan is aimed at helping new inventors establish whether their invention idea is feasible. Our designers and engineers will sit down and thoroughly analyze your invention idea, providing you with accurate data.

In the end, you will receive a 5-page report analyzing the pros and cons of your invention. Turn-around time is 3-5 days.

  • Includes 2 meetings with our designers & engineers


included in this plan

• 5 Page Feasibility Review
• Free 1-Hour Coaching Session
• 1 Meeting With Design Team
• 1 Meeting With Engineering Team

why choose this plan?

First Step In Invention Journey

Before jumping into the invention journey, it’s important to verify the feasibility of your invention idea. If no feasibility review is done, you risk the chance of going through the whole process just to find your idea isn’t marketable or has no demand. Our review aims to give you valuable insight from our engineers, designers & marketing specialist. No other company offers this service as in-depth as us. This review will save you time and money.

Affordable Pricing

We understand that independent inventors may not yet have total funding for their inventions. We have priced this plan to be affordable to new start-ups and inventors. This plan can help us surface potential problems in regards to design, manufacturing, and marketing.

Invention Feasibility Review faqs

That’s our favorite question. Lime Design is a business, but we take great pride in our work – we personally invest ourselves into each and every project to ensure the highest quality.

We have well over 60 years of experience and we work fast. Many design firms will take months, if not years. We aim to have a functioning prototype in your hands within weeks and help you get product patents, marketing materials, aid in a manufacturing process, and more. We take the service a bit further than other product design businesses and cover just about every aspect of the product development process.

Not at all! While we may be based in South Florida, we’ve worked with clients all over the world using conference call software such as Google Meets & Zoom to keep you up to date on the progress of your project. If our physical presence is needed for the project, we’ll even fly out to your location and hand-deliver the result if need be.

Absolutely! We sign an NDA with you right away to absolutely ensure that your idea remains yours. We respect the confidentiality of each and every client and idea to the utmost, so please rest assured, our lips are sealed.

Yes, we offer various patent protection aid for your ideas such as drawings, writings, and designs. We closely work with a few trusted patent attorneys to help you patent your idea, ensuring that it remains yours and yours alone.

There are 3 main types of patents.

Utility Patent  |  Design Patent  |  Plant Patents

Once you have an idea for a product, it’s a good idea to get a provisional patent. This patent will protect you for a year but then after this time, you have to apply for a real patent. Such as a design patent, utility patent, or plant patent. These patents will protect your idea for 15-25 years.

Yes, we’ve taken a lot of our client’s products to manufacturers. We are in contact with a vast amount of manufacturers. When it comes time to manufacture your product we will go through all our manufacturers and compare apples to apples to find you the best price.

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